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Dean Barron
Partner / Owner at Maine New Media
Lewiston/Auburn, Maine Area | Marketing and Advertising

I've been around the internet and done many cool things with it over the last 26 years. I've been here since the beginning. Literally! I started on the web way back in 1995. Way before Google, Facebook & Pinterest were born!

The incredible growth that I've seen and experienced first hand along the way has been utterly amazing! If you're looking for someone to help you who has been there. Done that. I guess I fit the mold.

I'm a true entrepreneur and I know that the next REALLY BIG thing is currently happening in the mobile arena. If you're looking to keep your business ahead of the next BIG Wave. I look forward to speaking with you!

Specialties: video seo, mobile marketing, mobile advertsing, mobile apps, mobile sites. seo, sem, smm and many more you'll see at the bottom of this page.

Dean Barron

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Call anytime (207) 747-0888

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