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Page Ranking

We will work on your page ranking as part of our SEO work. See your pagerank in Google Analytics.

Search Engine Optimization

We will put our hands on every single page of your website before submitting it to all the major search engines.

Conversion Marketing

Everyone has goals. We’re here to assist you in reaching them. Want to get to the top? Hire us!

Your Website’s Performance

One of your greatest allies is Google Analytics! It can show you everything that’s happening on your website.

98% of all websites have something wrong with them. We bet that yours does to!

Make Your Website Way More Visible &
Super Optimized for the Search Engines!

We started working with SEO way back in 1996. That was when the major search engines were Alta Vista & Lycos. These two may be non-existant now, but Google & Bing are here to stay and we need to continually learn what they are doing so we can maintain your SEO properly. It’s literally a living thing that changes daily. You have to learn to adjust to grow.

SEO is a process, it is not a “one-time” service, it is an ongoing process that takes time to build and develop. All of our SEO services are based on a six-month minimum service agreement. Quality targeted traffic takes time to build and cultivate. We have never had a single incident where a client did not see a substantial increase in traffic and sales.

Maine SEO Experts

Our SEO Services & Expertise

These are the main areas that we cover when performing SEO on any of our clients websites.

SEO Consulting

First we need to talk about what your goals are when it comes to SEO & marketing. We won't take on a job that we can't do.

We will only do our best work for you. When it comes time to make you shine. We're the ones you'll want to find!

Look at the Data

We have to know what keywords are performing well for your website in order to make what we are doing work for you.

It's all about the data! You have to know where you need to be. Right? Using good Keywords is VERY important!

Page Ranking

The way that Google sees your website is very important to us. If Google doesn't see your website properly. We'll need to fix that!

PageRank is something that Google came up with a lomg time ago to help prevent spamming.

Maine New Media
Location Targeting

Local SEO & Social Marketing are one of the areas where we have 20+ years of exeprience. Trust us to get things done right for you!

Really! We're amazed that we've been working in the same industry for so long. Knowing that we started before Google is precious!

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